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Koryu Jujutsu

Here are some of the jujutsu ryu that I have heard of, there are probably many, many more than this.  These are the older styles of jujutsu there are also many newer styles but they are not mentioned here.

Takenouchi Ryu: This is considered one of the oldest schools of jujutsu in existence.  It was founded during the Sengoku period, a period where Japan was in civil war for many years. It was developed by Takenouchi Nakatsukasadayu Hisamori (1502?-95) who was the daimyo of the small Ichinose Castle in Sakushu, now know as Okayama prefecture.  The ryu has stayed in the Takenouchi family for about 470 years and is still going.  The main focus of this style is grappling while in full armor and trying to stab the weak points of your opponents armor with your tanto.  The Takenouchi curriculum also included kenjutsu, iaijutsu, naginata-jutsu, the use of the tessen, bojutsu, and hojojutsu.  The Takenouchi Ryu has many different branches that have become there own style but are still heavily influenced by it.

Yagyu Shingan Ryu: This school was founded by Takenaga Hayato from Sendai.  He studied multiple ryuha before developing his own system.  It was divided into four types; ippan yawara (commoners' yawara), ahigaru yawara (foot soliders' yawara), bushi yawara (warriors' yawara), and taisho yawara (generals' yawara).  Each type would learn different techniques as they would face different situations and have access to differing weapons.  They would all learn various kicks, punches, escapes, and ways to restrain someone without seriously injuring them.  The bushi and taisho systems would also learn something called gyoi dori.  Which was protecting someone else, usually a higher ranked individual, from a sudden sword-drawing attack.  This would be done while seated, standing, and passing someone.  The Yagyu Shingan also employed weapons such as the naginata, wakizashi, katana, bo, jutte, and tessen.

Yoshin Ryu: Yoshin ryu or "School of the Willow Spirit" was founded by Akiyama Shirobei Yoshitoki, a physician from Nagasaki.  It is not know exactly when this school was founded, sometime in the Edo period.  The story behind the founding of this school is that Akiyama was on a retreat to Tenmangu Shrine, when he noticed a willow tree.  Despite heavy snowfall, the willow, unlike other trees had no broken branches.  Under the heavy snow the willow just let its branches hang down and let the snow fall to the ground.  The trees flexibility inspidered Akiyama and he founded his school of the willow spirit.  The Yoshin Ryu has many striking techniques to weak points of the body (atemi), mane joint locks (kansetsuwaza), and strangulation techniques (shimewaza).