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These are some links to what I think are excellent sites, both on the martial arts and other things that I am interested in.

Martial Arts Sites
E-Budo:  This is a Message board for Japanese martial artists, one of my favorite sites.
Samurai Archives:  A great site on samurai history, tons of information on  samurais, generals, battles, and more.
Bushido Online:  This is a good martial arts site, it has a lot more descriptions of martial arts than I do.
Institute of Traditional Martial Arts:  This is the dojo that I study in.
Kung Fu Online:  This is a lot like E-Budo but for Chinese martial arts.
Iga Ninja: This is a cool looking ninja page.
Furyu: Budo Journal: This is a nice martial arts site. This is a cool site, you can ask them martial arts questions and they will answer it to the best of their ability.
Tai Chi People This is a nice Tai Chi web site, they also have Chinese herbs that you can order.

Japanese Related Sites
Japanese to English Dictionary: This site has a Japanese/English translator and kanji information.
Bugei Trading Co. : This is basically an online samurai store :)
Asian Fine Art Gallery: This page has a lot of beautiful Japanese paintings.
Asahi Japanese Home Collectibles page:  This page has a lot of cool stuff plus Samurai Armor!
Castles of Japan: This is a page with pictures, locations and maps of Japanese castles.
East Asian History Sourcebook:  A good site on Chinese and Japanese history.
Mugendo Budogu:  A good site for Japanese martial arts stuff.
Bu Jin Design:  Another good Japanese martial arts equipment site.

Other Sites
Shogun Total War: A cool looking up and coming RTS computer game.
Britanica Online: A good reference site.
Tanarus:  A cool online only tank simulation game.
Legend of The 5 Rings:  This is a role playing game that I used to play, I don't play anymore but I still buy books every once in a while because they have cool stories and illustrations in them.

Last updated: 3/22/01