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These are some of the books that I have read that I think are good.  I recommend them to anyone interested in martial arts.   Click on the picture of the book to order it at
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The Five Rings: No martial art book list would be complete without the book of five rings on it.
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IAI: The art of Drawing the Sword: I like this book a lot, even though I haven't taken any Iai classes it has good kenjitsu information and a lot of history in it.
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The Art of the Warrior: This is a collection of the 7 Chinese Military Classics, Sun-tzu's Art of War, and Sun Pin's Military Methods.
The Lone Samurai and the Martial Arts: This is an excellent book on samurai, it is mainly focused on the lone warriors of feudal Japan.
Classical Bujitsu: This book is mainly on the history of budo in Japan.
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Myths and Legends of the Martial Arts:  This book has a lot of little stories about different martial arts legends and myths.
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Secrets of the Samurai: This is an excellent book on samurai history and the martial arts and weapons that the samurai used in feudal Japan.
BUDO Teachings of the Founder of Aikido: This is an excellent book on aikido, there is a biography of Morihei Ueshiba written by his son Kisshomaru Ueshiba.  And the rest of the book are the translated writings of Morihei Ueshiba.
Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: This is a good book on aikido, it has lots of excellent illustrations on aikido techniques and concepts.
Journal of Asian Martial Arts: A quarterly publication with many good articles on all aspects of the martial arts. Go to their site to order this fine magazine: Journal of Asian Martial Arts
The Zen Way to The Martial Arts: This is a good book on zen and the practice of martial arts.  
Arts of Strength, Arts of Serenity:  This is an excellent book on training in the martial arts.  It is also an excellent book on following the way.
The Art of Shen Ku: This book is written by a guy named Zeek.  It is an awesome book with TONS of little facts from herbal medicine, to knot tying to martial arts.
Classical Fighting Arts of Japan: This book written by Serge Mol is and excellent book or koryu jujutsu, I highly recommend it.
Flashing Steel: An excellent book on Kenjutsu and Iaido.
Keiko Shokon: A collection of essays about koryu martial arts and there relationship to modern times. A great book, edited by Diane Skoss.
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Last updated: 6/14/02