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The Leaping Leopard

     There was once a master of the Black Tiger system, who had a son named Wong Tau.  One day, on his return from a hunt in the vast forests that surrounded their village, Wong's father brought home a half-starved baby leopard which he had found in the forest next to the carcass of its mother.  He gave it to his son and told him he could keep the animal until it got to big and dangerous.  Wong and the leopard became inseparable and each day, after he had done his work around the house and practiced his kung fu exercises, he would head off into the forest with the leopard to play.  The weeks turned into months and the two were often seen by the villagers running together, wrestling on the grass or just lying peacefully in the sun, with each taking care of the other.  
     One day, whilst out enjoying themselves in the forest, Wong and the leopard were suddenly confronted by a large tiger.  The tiger had been standing quite still watching them playing.  Sensing the beast was about to attack them, the leopard began jumping around.  The tiger was at least three times the size of the pet leopard, but the leopard showing no fear, place itself between the tiger and the boy.  Standing its ground, the leopard seemed to tighten up its body so that every muscles was rock hard, but remained motionless waiting.  Wong watched as he slowly but carefully walked backwards.  He felt as though his leopard was waiting for something.  The leopard was; it was using its instinctive cunning by patiently waiting for the tiger to leap.  Suddenly, the tiger launched itself at the tightly balled up leopard.  The leopard also leapt with perfect timing hit the surprised tiger in the stomach with the force of a cannonball.  The tiger went sprawling backwards and the leopard, continuing the arc of its leap, lashed out with is razor-sharp claws, raking the exposed chest and belly of the tiger.  Wong stopped in his tracks and watched with wonder at the bravery and skill of his friend.  The tiger landed on the ground with a heavy thud, blood pouring from its wounds and fled into the forest.  Wong embraced his friend the leopard.  He could understand quite clearly now that strength can be overcome with cunning and complete control of one's body.

This story was taken from the book "Myths and Legends of the Martial Arts"