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A little about myself
My name is Carl Elder, I live in Valparaiso Indiana and have lived here all my life.  I am 22 years old, and  I have been studying the martial arts for five years now.  The first martial art that I took, and continue to take, is To Ei Do, a martial art founded by my sensei Shawn Housler, for more information on this art go to the martial arts section of my web site.  I first started taking this art at Martial Arts America sometime in July of 96, two years later my sensei left Martial Arts America and started up a dojo, called The Institute of Traditional Martial Arts, with my sifu Vonnie Peterson.  I helped them set up the dojo, by helping them build the Japanese screens that line the walls of the dojo, and just cleaning up the place.  It is amazing how much the place has changed since we first moved in.  About two years ago I started taking Yang style Tai Chi from sifu Vonnie Peterson, and I have been studying Kenjitsu and Jujitsu since the fall of 98.  My Kenjitsu sensei is both Kurt Peterson and Shawn Housler, and my Jujitsu sensei is Tony Sandilla.  I am now working for Elder Construction, the construction company my father owns.  This fall I am going to Indiana University Bloomington to get a martial arts certificate.  It is a three year program, and I will also work for a bachelors degree in general studies.   One day I hope to have my own dojo, I plan on having it inside my house, that way any rent I would normally have to pay would be for my house payment.
Last updated: 3/6/02