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The Dice Battle
     The two armies, one Crab one Scorpion, had been fighting for hours near the shrine of Osano-Wo.  They fought for control of the rich farmlands near the shrine, but the battle ceased when they saw a massive Lion army approaching the plain.  Either the Scorpion or the Crab could combat the army and win, but if they continued to fight each other, the Lion would certainly defeat the victor.  The Scorpion general proposed an alliance, but the Crab general did not trust him.  Instead, the Scorpion suggested a less bloody method of determining who won the day.
     "We will roll dice," the general suggested.  "Whoever rolls the highest will take the plain, and the other will remove himself from the field."  The Crab agreed but demanded they use his dice.  The Scorpion nodded and the dice game began.  The Crab rolled first.  "A twelve!" he shouted and his men shouted with him.  "You cannot beat a twelve, Scorpion."  "No." said the Scorpion, "But I can tie."  He rolled the dice and they came up six and six.  The Scorpions cheered at the Crab armies as their general smiled.  "I guess we roll again."  The Crab snatched up the dice, inspected them to make sure they were still his dice, and rolled again.  "Twelve again!" he shouted as the dice landed.  "Certainly the fortunes favor me this day!"  "Perhaps" said the Scorpion, "But I have not yet had my second turn."  He picked up the dice, and prayed to his ancestors and he spun them across the ground.  When they landed, one came up six, but the other broke in half.
     "Hah!" shouted the Crab.  "You have lost!"  
     "No." said the Scorpion, pointing at the dice.  "For the halves came up six and one.  Six and six and one makes thirteen.  The plain is mine."  The Crab cursed and took his men from the field.  The Scorpion defeated the Lion, took the shrine of Osano-Wo and burned the Lion castle to the ground.

This story was taken from the book "The Way of the Scorpion"