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Here are some stories involving the martial arts, some are true some are fictional.

Loyalty:  This is a cool story about the virtue of loyalty.
The Dice Battle: A (probably) fictional battle story.
Master and Student:  A story of an Iai-jutsu master.
A Test:  A story about 3 brothers and a single test.
The Scorpion and the Frog
The Karate Man and the Tiger: A story about a prisoner and his battle to survive.
Beautiful Springtime: A wing chun story.
The Journey of 1000 Miles Begins First in the Mind
The Fight of the No Fight Style: A story of a kenjutsu sensei and an arrogant warrior.
The Leaping Leopard: A story about a boy and his pet leopard.
Committed to Death: A story about a farmer and a ronin.
The Gentle Art:  A story of jujutsu.
Deceptive Arrows:  A story on strategy.

Last updated 4/05/00